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Commercial Electricity Rates

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Who is Live Energy?

Live Energy is an independent commercial electricity broker and consultant founded by, St. Clair Newbern IV and Paul Fershtand. The buck stops with us. Reach out to us directly anytime through the form below.

Our team is a group of seasoned, TEPA certified industry veterans. A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.

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About Commercial Electricity Rates

#1. Monitor Rates to Identify Savings Opportunities
It’s true. Timing is everything. The key to leveraging electricity deregulation to your advantage is exercising your option to choose WHEN to lock in your next commercial electricity rate. This means you should start shopping the market 18-24 months before your current contract expires. Live Energy makes this easy by providing free commercial electricity rate alerts. We automatically calculate your renewal rates in real-time and notify you when you can save money.

#2. Choose the Right Suppliers
There are more than 100 licensed retail energy providers in most commercial electricity markets. But many of them should be avoided at all cost! Only engage the best suppliers that have solid financials and a track record of excellent service. Live Energy highly scrutinizes it’s extensive network of commercial electricity suppliers and only work the ones that meet our high standards.

#3. Choose the Right Contract Structure
Determine the contract with the most favorable terms that meets your needs. Avoid risky contract structures that could create huge, unplanned cost increases. At Live Energy we fully understand all of the contract options including fixed, index, heat-rate, and all the hybrids in between. We ensure that you understand the benefits and risks of each so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

#4. Conduct an Effective Competitive Bid Process
When you’ve determined that the time is right to renew your contract, you must conduct a competitive bid where commercial electricity suppliers compete for your business. We are experts when it comes to executing an efficient, effective competitive bid process.

#5. Compare Competitive Quotes
Comparing quotes can be a little tricky because each commercial electricity supplier has their own contract with terms of service that are unique. The key is to equalize all offers by taking into consideration what components are “bundled” in the rate being quoted, and what components will be “passed through” to you. 

This is definitely the area where we see the most shenanigans. If a commercial electricity rate looks to good to be true, or is way lower than the rest, you need to carefully review the offer to make sure they aren’t offering a deceptively low price that passes through certain components that should be bundled. Many businesses have been sold variable rate products without fully understanding the risks.

Load Profile
Your load profile is obtained by examining your historical usage. This information show exactly when and how much energy you use throughout the day.

Historical Usage Data
Your historical usage data file is required by retail energy providers in order to provide a commercial electricity rate quote. This data file reveals your energy usage and demand for the previous 12 months.

Energy Demand
Your “energy demand”, as reflected on your monthly bill, is a measurement that determines the highest 15 minute interval of energy usage during the previous month and is shown as kW (kilowatts). The reason this is measured is the grid operator needs know how much energy they should have available to meet your highest demand. Your “peak demand” is the highest 15 minute interval over the previous 12 months, and this is what you get billed for each month by your retail energy supplier. Your “peak demand” will often be higher than your actual demand for a particular month.

Energy Usage
Your energy usage is the actual kWh (kilowatt hours) consumed during a specified period of time. On a monthly basis you are assessed an energy charge that is equal to the kWh consumed multiplied by your energy rate. Your commercial electricity rate is the deregulated component. Your demand charges, often referred to as TDSP charges, are generally passed through at cost. Energy + demand charges = your total cost of energy each month.

Contract Start Date
Business electricity rates are different for every month in the future. Often, the nearest months are the most expensive, while the further you go out on “the curve” the prices get lower. That’s why it is often very advantageous to lock in your next electricity contract well in advance of your current contract expiration date.

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