Business Electricity Fuel Sources

Business Electricity Fuel Sources

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As election day draws near, a wide variety of issues has been debated and considered. Among them is concern over the fuel sources America turns to. (You may recall that drilling was a hot topic in the second presidential debate, sending commentators and fact checkers alike into a frenzy within minutes of the candidates’ remarks.) Americans use a lot of fuel for everything from our cars to the fuel sources that power plants utilize to produce electricity.

In other words, it’s an important topic.

FuelFix (a blog maintained primarily by reporters for the Houston Chronicle) published an article earlier today stating that, according to a report from the Texas Clean Energy Coalition, natural gas plants use considerably less water for day-to-day operations than their coal-powered counterparts.

Despite the massive amounts of water used by hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas from shale, coal power plants in Texas generally are less efficient and more water-intensive than their gas counterparts, the researchers said.

It’s worth noting that “while most electricity in the United States is generated by coal, natural gas is dominant in Texas.” Still, these findings suggest Texans could benefit a great deal from additional natural gas plants and fewer coal plants for their residential and business electricity production.

Of course, nothing is that simple in the world of commercial energy. In an industry where the market is consistently in flux, spiking and dipping quickly at times, the question of fuel is a complex one. As more attention is brought to this issue, it’s entirely possible that it could one day affect your business electricity price, and this is just one factor of many.

The price of energy is determined by a combination of elements. The weather plays a part, as does politics, production, heat rates, seasonality and, as mentioned above, fuel source issues. When it comes time for you, as a business owner, to choose a provider for your commercial electricity needs, each of these factors should be taken into account. Complete, thorough analysis could make a significant different in your business electricity rate.

That’s a lot of information to ingest and consider. It could easily take weeks or even months to begin to understand all the complexities. Or, you could turn to a trusted, proven commercial electricity broker, like Live Energy, to help you with the process, reducing that time dramatically and ensuring that you find the best rate possible.

The team of experts of Live Energy have spent the last decade helping businesses of all sizes find the business electricity contract that fits them best. We have the technology and experience to sift through all the pertinent factors, and we can share our findings with you in simple, straightforward language. This empowers you to choose the provider, term, rate and contract that you are most comfortable with, confident that you’re getting a good deal—a deal that will positively impact your organization’s bottom line for the next 3-5 years.

Business electricity is complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Call the Live Energy team today at 888-341-9155 to find out how we can save you time and money as you select your next energy contract.


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