Commercial Electricity Generation in Texas

Commercial Electricity Generation in Texas

Photo by Patrick Finnegan
Photo by Patrick Finnegan

An article published last week in the Dallas Business Journal begins with an ominous warning: “Texas must find a way to encourage power companies to produce more electricity or the state’s economic development could be negatively affected.”

Indeed, this is not a new issue for the Lone Star State. In the last year there has been a good amount of debate and consideration given to the electric reliability of Texas. The potential problem, believe it or not, derives from our success as a state. Texas is growing. Texas residential and business electricity customers use a lot of power, and each year our total consumption increases. It’s a good problem to have in so much as it shows that Texas continues to be a developing state.

But if the Texas commercial electricity market hits the tipping point at which our demand for commercial electricity exceeds our capacity to produce it, that will not be a good thing at all.

Last week, Rolando Pablos resigned from the Public Utility Commission (or PUC), opting to return to his hometown of El Paso. Concern about the stability of the Texas market has been a hot topic, so naturally the subject came up when he announced his departure from the PUC. During his interview with a Dallas Business Journal reporter, he said the following:

“We’re talking about one of the most important issues in our state, which is electricity reliability,” Pablos said. “Because Texas is growing at such a fast rate, we need to be able to keep up with that demand. If we don’t keep up with new generation, we’re going to be in trouble.”

This is an important issue for Texas business owners, and one you should be following. If our demand for commercial electricity exceeds our production, we could end up experiencing rolling blackouts, and that’s never good for business. Furthermore, these kinds of issues often impact the price of energy. Business electricity rates can be pushed higher or lower by a variety of factors, including concern over the stability of the market. Even if Texas doesn’t experience a short-fall of production, the possibility of a short-fall could be enough to make a difference in the prices available when you compare electricity rates.

Of course, the commercial electricity market is always moving, and some degree of volatility is the norm. This concern, while significant, isn’t something to get too alarmed about. Rather, this is evidence of the importance of developing a thorough business electricity strategy.

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