Commercial Electricity Goes Green

Commercial Electricity Goes Green

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A recent article in the Amarillo Globe-News highlighted an enormous project currently in the works. The plan is to run just under 2,000 miles of transmission lines through the Texas panhandle with the hope of delivering wind-generated power to larger cities. How big is this project? Seven billion dollars big.

Wind power has gotten a fair amount of publicity in recent years. For many it embodies the idea of renewable (or “green”) energy. With more and more Americans concerned about the impact of industrial activity on the environment, green energy sources have become an increasingly important factor in the production of commercial electricity. According to the SECO (State Energy Conservation Office), “Texas currently leads the nation in wind development.”

In the case of wind-generated power, the obstacle to overcome is delivering green energy to those who can use it. The SECO states, “The greatest challenge facing the wind industry is that wind farms can be built more quickly than transmission lines. It can take a year to build a wind farm, but five to build the transmission lines needed to send power to cities.”

As the article from the Amarillo Globe-News points out, the project underway to run thousands of miles of transmission lines seeks to address this issue. In the coming years, projects like this one have the potential to impact the Texas commercial electricity market in a variety of ways, sometimes pushing commercial electricity rates up and sometimes helping to lower them. And of course, we all hope that continued focus on environmentally conscious production of power will help keep Texas beautiful.

Perhaps your business already makes efforts to be green, as well. Did you know there are commercial electricity products out there designed specifically for the environmentally minded? You have the option to specify a preference for renewable energy with most commercial electricity providers. And that is just one of dozens of options you have when making arrangements for your energy needs.

All of us here at Live Energy are committed to helping you make the best commercial electricity decisions possible, which includes finding the most fitting product at the lowest rate. (We’ve yet to work with someone who isn’t interested in saving money!) We do this by first engaging in thorough analysis of your business, including important factors like the degree to which using renewable energy is important to you. We then take what we’ve learned about you as a company and pair that knowledge with our market-savvy industry expertise to determine the best product and timing to lock in a low commercial electricity rate for you. If your organization has made a commitment to being green, we want you to know that we understand that commitment and are prepared to help you facilitate that goal while at the same time saving you money.

Think of us as your commercial electricity consultants. We have the tools and experience to help you find the option that will work best for you. If you’d like to learn more about how we can guide you to the commercial electricity plan that fits your business best, please contact us at (877) 810-7770.


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