Green Thinking Can Help Lower Your Commercial Electricity Bill

Green Thinking Can Help Lower Your Commercial Electricity Bill

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Saving money pretty much always sounds like a good idea. Saving money with minimal effort sounds even better. It’s not uncommon these days to hear a lot about the idea of “going green”. Being green in the way you run your business is all about being environmentally conscious—it means you make choices that reduce the negative impact your business has on the environment. Sometimes, going green means spending more money, but when it comes to your commercial electricity account, there are ways you can go green and save.

The Huffington Post recently published an article highlighting some energy-saving tips. The article was aimed at residential customers, but here are three of their tips that can easily be applied to business electricity customers:

1. “Turn of anything that is not being used, TVs, radios, computers and lights.”

In one way, this is a no-brainer. You likely already turn off most of the lights in your place of business when your work day comes to an end. However, there are probably things you could turn off by may not have thought to. For example, your computer monitors. A computer monitor uses a surprising amount of energy, and there is certainly no reason for it to be running all night, displaying a screen-saver for an empty office. Depending on your office setup, the simple act of turning off what you can when you’re not using it could actually make a noticeable difference in your commercial electricity bill.

2. “Keep your window blinds closed and all doors leading to the exterior shut as well.”

It’s easy to see how open doors work against your air conditioning–every time a door opens, some of that precious cool air escapes—but windows allow in a lot of heat, as well. One way to curb some of that and lower your business electricity bill is to keep the blinds closed on windows during the day, especially windows that are in direct sunlight.

3. “LED light bulbs will also help reduce the indoor temp, regular light bulbs give off a lot of heat, LEDs don’t and you will also save on your electrical bill each year, so it’s a win-win.”

LED light bulbs truly are a one-two punch of savings. First, they use less power, and that will, no doubt about it, lower your commercial electricity bill. But, two, they give off less heat. The lighting in your office space produces more heat than you might think, which, of course, forces your air conditioner to work harder. Trading out traditional bulbs for LED bulbs can make a noticeable difference.

Employing these easy tips will help your business be more green by lowering your commercial electricity consumption. That’s good for the planet, and good for you—it saves you money!

At Live Energy, we take an outside-the-box approach with our clients. Whether you’re trying to be a little more green, lower your costs or plan for the future, we’re ready to dream and plan with you. Using our considerable industry experience, we can help you develop a commercial electricity strategy that fits your businesses values and goals.

If you’d like to learn more about how Live Energy can help your business meet its goals, contact us today at (817) 810-7770.


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