Market Updates

Market Updates

Natural Gas (as of 5/16/13)

Natural gas prices continue to gradually rise. NG is currently trading in or around the $3.95 range. Prices should stay between $3.90 – and $4.10 range.

Crude Oil (as of 5/16/13)

Crude Oil is currently trading around $95.20/ barrel. Prices are relatively stable, trading at or around $94.5 – $96.5/ barrel

Storage Update (updated 5/16/13)

The storage report for the previous week was 1865 Bcf. This week an injection of 99 Bcf, causing storage to grow to 1964. All regions experience an injection, with the largest happening in the West. However one year ago, storage was at 2658 Bcf, which resulted in a -26 % change. The current storage figures are within the 5 year historical range.

Weather Update (as of 5/16/13)

The continental U.S. is experiencing a progressively warmer swing in temperatures. These warmer temperatures will primarily affect the Midwest, in which they could be experience anywhere from a 5 to 8 degree increase in temperature. The Northeast should remain primarily stable in temperature range.



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