Picking A Commercial Electricity Provider

Picking A Commercial Electricity Provider

It sounds deceptively simple. Just pick, right? What could be hard about that?

After all, you picked the electricity provider for your home. Sure, you did a little research, compared some rates and looked at your available options, but even if you were thorough about it, that didn’t take you more than a few hours’ time, at the most. Surely commercial electricity isn’t that different. Choosing a provider for your business should be more or less the same, shouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, no. One does not simple…pick a commercial electricity provider.

Business electricity and residential electricity are similar in that the same thing happens as a result of both services—you flip a switch, and the lights come on. Your computer powers up. All your gadgets and gizmos have juice. The AC works. But that is where the similarity between the two stops. They may accomplish the same thing (provide you with power), but they are priced, structured and sold in vastly different ways.

And frankly, that makes it confusing. First and foremost, because you can choose a fairly simply, straight-forward rate plan for your business much like you did for your home. However, business electricity includes fees that do not apply to residential accounts. And you have a number of other options besides that simple rate plan. It might be the best plan for you, or there might be another option out there that will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars annually.

Yep, the stakes are that high.

So, what do you do? All those options, all those choices—how do you find the one that will save your business money? Do you just pick?

Hopefully, no. You have a resource at your disposal you may not even realize is there. And even if you knew about it before reading this post, maybe you didn’t realize how powerful that resource is. So powerful, it could (and almost assuredly will) save you time and money if you harass it and use it.

That resource is a proven commercial electricity broker, like the team of experts here at Live Energy.

Energy brokers know the business electricity market. They know the various options available to you. They know how seasonality, future growth plans, annual operational budgets and even location have the potential to affect energy pricing. And they follow the market, so they know when to encourage you to make your move, allowing you to lock in a solid rate that will guarantee you savings over the long term. Electricity brokers are an invaluable resource, and all you have to do is ask for their help.

Here at Live Energy, we’ve been working with businesses of all shapes and sizes for more than a decade. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve gained for helping our clients develop commercial electricity strategies that save them both time and money. We love what we do, and our clients love it, too, because they’ve reaped the rewards of our expertise.

Don’t “just pick” your next business electricity contract. Build a strategy. Know your options. Make an educated choice. Call the experts at Live Energy at 888-341-9155. We can help you make an informed decision to meet your business’s commercial electricity needs.


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