Shopping for Commercial Electricity On Your Own

Shopping for Commercial Electricity On Your Own

We understand the temptation to tackle your commercial electricity arrangements without the help of a broker. We really do.

After all, you run a business. You know your stuff. You’ve selected other services and products for your company in the past. What makes this one so different? Why would you bring a third party into the picture when you could just roll up our sleeves and do it yourself?

In many cases, that logic would be sound. However, commercial electricity is a different sort of animal. While your options and choices may seem straight forward at first, dig a little. You’ll soon discover that there are dozens of alternatives to choose from, and each one could have a dramatically different impact on your business electricity expense.

Think about it this way. When you’re sick with a simple cold, you likely do what most of us do: you self-diagnose, swing by the drug store for some over-the-counter meds, pop a couple of pills or down some foul-tasting syrup, and jump right back into your routine. But when you’re sick, truly sick, you go to your doctor. Why? Because your body is complex. You live in the thing, but you can’t explain how it works or what part is broken. If you suffer serious injury or come down with something severe, you turn to your doctor for help. He’s the expert. He’ll work with you to determine the problem and find a solution. It’s something you simply could not do on your own.

Commercial electricity is complex, too. Maybe not as complex as the human body, but more complex than most folks know. The electricity market is always changing. The price of power never stops rising and falling, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And there are dozens of things pushing that price up and down. It can spike to 10 times its current price if the right set of possibilities fall into place. Likewise, the bottom can fall out of it, making the cost much lower in future weeks than it is today. The best any of us can do is take educated guesses as to what will happen next.

But all educated guesses aren’t created equal. To analyze the commercial electricity market well enough to know which way it’s about to move, you have to have a good deal of experience, and even that’s not enough. Frankly, there are so many moving pieces that you’ll need some sophisticated programs and tech tools to track it all, as well. The final ingredient to this mix is strategy. Without an understanding of past trends, how can you hope to plot a course for the future that will save you money?

It’s tough, as many business owners have discovered. That first step? It’s a doozy.

Our pal Felix (pictured above) didn’t take his historic leap alone. He had an entire team to guide him through his record-breaking jump. He couldn’t have gone so far without them.

The team at Live Energy can take you far, too. We have the experience, the tech tools and the know-how (strategy) to help you find the very best commercial electricity plan for your organization. Call us today at 888-341-9155 to find out how we can help you get off on the right foot.


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