Preparing for Hurricane Isaac

Preparing for Hurricane Isaac

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It’s official—Tropical Storm Isaac is now Hurricane Isaac. At the time of this writing, all signs point to the storm making land-fall along the Louisiana coast, somewhere near New Orleans. Now there is little left to do but make last minute preparations and wait. The hurricane is expected to reach the coast late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Already, the impact of the storm has affected prices in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Texas. Gasoline prices at the pump, for example, are reported to have risen anywhere from 16 to 60 cents in anticipation of the storm. Only time will tell what kind of lasting effect Isaac will have.

Certainly, our hearts and minds are with those in the path of the storm. We hope for the best for them. As the president said just earlier today, “Now is not the time to tempt fate.” Rather, now is the time to heed warnings and seek shelter.

Hurricane Isaac serves as a vivid reminder to us of a number of things: one, life is precious and often so very vulnerable. One cannot help but think back to past storms, like Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the damage they did to both property and, more importantly, people. Two, Isaac reminds us of the unpredictability of life. Just a few days ago we didn’t know if the tropical storm would develop into a hurricane or where it would hit. Now we have a better idea of those details and those in the path must scramble to make ready. Finally, Isaac reminds us of the sheer, raw power of nature. Sometimes beautiful and sometimes terrifying, Mother Earth is a force to be reckoned with.

Now is the point in this blog post when I would typically tie the topic above to an encouragement to reach out to the team of experts here at Live Energy. I might make a connection, something like preparing for the unpredictability of the commercial electricity market and how we can help you plan for that. However, in light of the seriousness of this storm and the very real danger it presents to those in its path, it would be in poor taste, indeed, to transition from such dire news to a sales pitch.

Instead, on behalf of Live Energy, today I will just say that our hearts and minds are with those who are in the path of Isaac. We wish them well, both in the coming hours and coming weeks, as repair efforts get underway after the storm has passed. May those in the path of the storm make it through the next several hours in safety.

As always, the Live Energy team is available at (817) 810-7770 if we can assist with your commercial electricity needs.


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