Solar Power and Commercial Electricity

Solar Power and Commercial Electricity

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An article published yesterday by The Texas Tribune reports that an increase in solar power generation could help Texas address growing concerns about the stability of the power grid in coming years. According to the article, “Currently only a tiny fraction of Texas’ power comes from the sun, and the state ranks well behind California and other sunny states in development of the resource.” It would seem that solar presents Texans with an energy source we have yet to tap into fully.

Indeed, there are some impressive benefits of utilizing solar power:

Solar advocates argue that the sun’s rays offer an emissions-free electricity source that revs up just when Texas needs power the most — for example, the late summer afternoons when air conditioners are running full-blast. Solar panels also require little water, aside from being washed once or twice a year — a key advantage in the drought-prone state.

However, solar power is not without its complications. First, it is expensive. Solar panels, themselves, are not cheap, and this is a deterrent for many. Two, while solar power could be beneficial to both residential and commercial electricity customers during peak demand hours, there is a huge window during which solar panels generate no energy at all—nighttime.

There is a good chance we’ll hear more about the benefits and limitations of solar power in the coming months, as well as other newer generations methods, such as wind. Right now, Texas is operating close to capacity, and without additional generation business electricity customers will be facing the unpleasant prospect of rolling blackouts and increased rates. Unfortunately, debates over generation options and the need to meet our increasing demand only further complicate an already confusing topic—commercial electricity.

The business electricity market is an ever changing thing, even at times when we aren’t concerned about a shortfall of generation. A wide variety of factors impact the cost of electricity—everything from the weather to potential regulatory changes—and it is a monster of a job to stay on top of all that information. Business owners have their hands full running their organizations. Who has time to manage all the details of a well developed commercial electricity strategy, as well?

Thankfully, there is an option available to business owners and decision makers that can help. Side-stepping all the confusing jargon and complex pricing structures is easy if you choose to partner with an experienced, proven business electricity broker, like the pros here at Live Energy.

The Live Energy team has been working with businesses of all sizes, large and small, for more than ten years. We focus on keeping up with the market down to the minute, analyzing trends and forecasting future costs, so that we can give our clients real-time advice that will save them money for years to come. When we meet with new clients, we listen, learning about the client’s needs, concerns and financial goals, and then pair that information with our commercial electricity expertise. The end result is a well developed business electricity strategy that fits your organization like a glove. We’ll work hard to find you the best product, price and term for your business.

Our passion is helping clients just like you navigate the complexities of the commercial electricity market with ease. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today at (817) 810-7770. Find out how much easier it is to manage your company’s energy needs with the experts in your corner.


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